Sterlize Pedicure Tub
Sterlize Pedicure Tub


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  1. Hi, I have really enjoyed watching your videos and from that I purchased some Blue Cross cuticle remover and callus remover gel. I live in the UK and wondered what the brush was that you used in the video (it is white with a flat handle) to apply/paint the callus gel? Is it some kind of pastry brush? Also can you buy the droppers for the Blue Cross. I have searched the Internet but cannot find the brush you use or anything similar. Would appreciate your help. Many thanks.
    Shirl Hurst

  2. Hi Ms. Lori,

    I’ve been religiously watching your videos on YouTube and commented on those I really liked cause it was so helpful in helping my fiancé in cleaning his feet and toe nails, being a diabetic. I’ve also bought your tools (pedicure kit, callous remover, lifter, rasp, jar for sanitizing my tools, alcohol, to name a few) that I used for giving him a pedi/spa at home. Watching all those videos were really a big help. I didn’t start start any procedure until I completed the tools I needed, and finally, they’ve been completed and I did his first pedi/spa just last Tuesday, December 25, my Christmas gift to him, sort of….hahaha.

    Anyhow, he was so impressed on my work and asked me if how was able to learn all those things and where did I get all those tools I used. I told him through you, the meticulous manicurist, in YouTube.

    I have A few questions though……how long will I keep the tools I sanitized inside the jar? How often do I need to sanitize my tools? Is there a need to sharpen the nippers? How do I know that it’s time for me to sharpen them? Where can I go for that?

    Hope you’ll be able to help me out on my queries. I wish you all the best! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    • Hello, thank you for taking the time to treat your finance. You need to clean and disinfect the tools after each use and leave them in the alcohol for 20 minutes. There is a place to send nippers for sharpening. I have the info saved in my comments. If you post a question on one of my videos I can paste the address but you won’t need to do that for a few years 🙂

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