Fruit Acid May Benefit Your Skin

But What Do They Do To Your Acrylic Nails

You have heard terms like lactic acid, malic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and glycolic acid. There are many many skin care products on the market that contain fruit acids that benefit your skin.  They all have great exfoliating properties to help fine lines and wrinkles. But have you ever asked yourself what do they do your artificial nails? I don’t think that is even on people’s radar when they are applying anti aging products to their face. But it is a real struggle, not only in skin care products but in food you may handle. Lifted acrylic caused by fruit acid exposure

For demonstration purposes I am using a client of mine who wears acrylic nails. She never has a problem with lifting, unless it tomato canning or pepper freeing season. Fruit acids are a real thing, they are in foods we handle all the time. Most of the time our nails are protected because we don’t have our nails submerged in foods that contain these acids, or we are wearing gloves. But occasionally, we accidentally expose our nails and end up having a problem with lifting acrylic.

You should be able to tell just from looking at the color of the nail that lifting of the acrylic has occurred. To the untrained eye there doesn’t really look like there is lifting because it is not lifting at the base of the nail. And there is no visible air bubble, but trust me there is. There is staining in between the acrylic on the nail plate from the acids. This instance was caused by boiling hot peppers so she could freeze them. Fruit acids break down the bond of adhesion and the acrylic lifts off the nail plate. It is important to remove this lifting, file the stain off the nail plate and apply new acrylic to the nail. If you were to let this go, she would most likely get Pseudomonas in between the acrylic and the nail plate over the next week.

leslie-acrylis-fill-1So the next time you have a client that  does not normally have a problem with lifting, ask them if they have been boiling tomatoes or peppers! And advise them to wear gloves next time to protect their acrylic nails.

You may even have a client that only has a problem with the first two fingers on her dominant hand. This is most likely caused by some kind of cream she is applying to her face.

Oh, I almost forgot the biggest culprit of lifting acrylic nails at holiday and pie baking season. It’s butter! Yep, good old butter. People are kneading their pie dough and that greasy ingredient is penetrating into their nail plate at the free edge causing the nail to pull away from the acrylic.

Always be on the look out for the cause of the lifting acrylic so you can advise your clients how to prevent it in the future. It is always so much easier to fill nails that have problems than it is to do repairs all the time.


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