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Welcome to The Meticulous Manicurist Blog. My name is Lori Halloway, and I am a Licensed Nail Technician and Cosmetologist. I have been doing nails for 23 years. I own Voilà Salon & Spa, and I love my career! I serve people…I love to help people look and feel their best. I feel proud, happy, productive and accomplished everyday! But my family and my faith are what complete me.

I started this blog and YouTube channel to support my book, Shear Savvy Secrets & Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships that was published in 2009. I had so many salon owners worried they would fall short in the area of nails when they started an apprenticeship program in their salon. Especially busy salon owners only doing hair that never delved into the nail world. And I can totally relate to that. When you go to Cosmetology School, they touch briefly on the nail world. You are taught just enough to pass the State Board Exam, and most people start specializing in hair right away.  There are a select bunch that love the nail world and start getting continuing education right away and start taking nail clients. Building their education as they go along.

Me on the other hand, I started out in the nail world. However, when I opened my salon in 2002, it was important to me as a salon owner to have a complete understanding and education of every aspect in the beauty industry. I was fortunate enough to live in a state that supported salon apprenticeships and a hair stylist willing to become my educator. We started an apprenticeship program in my salon, and I was able to get my full Cosmetology license. I spent my days off with my head in my book and my hands on a manikin head. I have been doing hair and nails ever since. And able to support my staff in ever way possible. Nails is my first love, and I can do them with my eyes shut standing on my head. Before I opened my salon, my clients used to say they would meet me anywhere in the world, even in a parking lot, as long as I had my supplies in the back of my SUV to do their nails.

My videos started out showing simple techniques, so apprentices all around the country could watch and learn. This relieved the pressure of teaching nails in the apprenticeship program by someone who didn’t fully understand the nail industry. Over time I learned that hundreds of thousands of people were benefiting from my videos. So I expanded the content to help even licensed nail technicians become the best they can be. I love to learn and I love to share my knowledge. It brings me joy to know the nail industry is improving all around the world, and clients are receiving the best care.

You can read more about my book, Shear Savvy Secrets & Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships, at

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